Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wordament coming to Windows Phone as Xbox Live Title on April 25th

Wordament is a game published by Microsoft for Windows Phone available for over a year, today we discover that this popular game will be updated next week and will include Xbox Live certification.

One thing that will certainly delight users find that Windows Phone is Wordament version of Xbox Live will be available free of charge and always of course with different goals to unlock.

Here we can read the description in the current marketplace.

"Wordament is a unique kind of joke, a word-tournament in which you are competing with the Internet all researchers to be the best word in any game. Each player is competing on the same card, in real time, to get the highest score. Want to be the champion Wordament?

Wordament is a game thrives on Windows Phone 7 with an active community of gamers around the world. This new release brings with it more real-time statistics of players, the performance improved dramatically on all handsets and a new user interface available in English, Spanish, French and Italian. Game boards will remain in English
The new real-time statistics allow players to see how many seconds it takes to find the words mean and how many media outlets are finding for word. As always, each player ranks round vs. the Internet, but now we also track percentage rank of the player: it is a normalized score from zero to 100, which makes it easy to see how proud you round rounder, no matter how many players are online or complexity of the cards.Keep your friends close but your enemies closer! Tap the names in the results list to add them to your personal list of Frenemies, which is shown at the end of each game.
Wordament unique, highly playable games. Every card is guaranteed for more than 100 words possible, and each tile is playable. Our dictionary is tuned to help you find the most common words you missed. We also have themed games, such as digraphs, where he introduces a simple goal, but fun to use a secondary two-letter tiles in as many words as possible."

The current version can be found in WP Marketplace and from the April 25th the game will be updated and certified as a Xbox Live game.

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