Sunday, January 22, 2012

Instagram finally arrived on Windows Phone as Metrogram

Instagram, one of the most popular applications for the iPhone, can not seem to find their way to other mobile platforms. On Apple devices this photo application that allows users to capture, edit, filter and publish photos, has about 15 million users and it is certain to find that success on other platforms.
We got tip from the creator of this application Nazer Aminou that from last week he was working on Instragram client for Windows Phone.

Here are his words regarding Metrogram.
The app allow login, search, browse popular pictures, live tiles, location, browse user profile and photo but not posting pictures. It’s just a viewer. But since the app is a little buggy I’ve decided to upload a light version off the app.   
Currently the light version (the one on the marketplace) just allow to browse popular pictures, see comments and likes and share the picture on social network. The next update will bring (login, browse profiles, search, more themes, live tiles, screenshots, and requests from users). 

If the app has some success, I will request permission for uploading pictures
Metrogram is available for download in Windows Phone Marketplace. 

Thanks Nazer for the tip.

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