Monday, January 30, 2012

Truck & Puzzle: A Free puzzle game for Windows Phone

Graphically quite cured and finished in its simplest forms, shadows and colors. The goal is to move the barrels in the present levels and place them in the appropriate areas. But be careful not to make false movements sounable to recover and move more barrels. The game is played in portrait, where the bottom of the screen we have the controller. Large and well separated keys provide user experience and a good gameplay. In addition to the information we control keys on the number of movements made and the level reached in each level. No time then we will pursue, think twice before making even a single move. 

We have the ability to adjust the volume of sound effects for those who want to have absolute silence to concentrate. Truck & Puzzle consists of 60 different difficult levels where you can play only in those who have previously unlocked.

- 60 awesome puzzles 
- highly addictive 
- easy gameplay 
- fun for hours 
- puzzle game for everybody

Truck & Puzzle Instant fully Mango supported with remarkable speed and fluidity. For all fans of the genre this game is a must in your list of games. 

Truck & Puzzle can be downloaded for free from the Windows Phone Marketplace

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