Thursday, February 23, 2012

Six new games are coming to Xbox Live for Windows Phone!

As we know, Microsoft released a new game every week Xbox Live for Windows Phone. After showing the games coming for the month of February , here are the ones coming next month.

Below is a list of games that will come shortly on Xbox Live Marketplace under the certification with screenshots and descriptions:

Carcassonne : The popular board game also comes after the debut of Windows Phone on Android and Blackberry. The aim is to build cities and streets by turning the appropriate tiles.Those who accumulate the most points wins the game. This game should be able to play multiplayer online.

GeoDefense Swarm : The successor to the GeoDefense game on the Xbox Live section in the marketplace. The 3D graphics keeps the same style with some differences in gameplay.

Gerbil Physics: This game takes the same purpose Emplode! that is to drop the objects present on the framework below the colored line. Different levels, many animations and music we will offer this new game. The official launch would be $2.99.

Pinball FX 2: A good pinball game arrives on Windows Phone. Developed by Zen Studios, shows the Windows version of the original Pinball Phone with good physical and downloadable tables.

Shoot1UP : A vertical hand-drawn game where you need to take down the enemy spaceship flying through our. There will collect bonuses that will change the warfighting capabilities of our form of aviation.

Wordament: Fully-style meters, this game allows players to challenge our friends in composing many words as possible with the letters available.

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