Friday, March 9, 2012

Purple Cherry - Gameboy Pocket emulator coming soon to Windows Phone Marketplace

From the same developer of ' Gamegear Sega emulator formally know as Sonic's Jewels and later because of problems with the SEGA branding  renamed 'Blue Tomato, is coming into the marketplace Windows Phone new emulator legendary GameBoy Nintendo.

The developer had previously released a homebrew version of this emulator, soon will come a new version with many corrections and improvements. And last but not least, will be officially available in the marketplace, then installed even by those without a device unlocked.

In an attempt to avoid the same problems we had with the previous legal emulator, the developer has chosen not to use names and trademarks. For this he chose the name "Purple Cherry" and use the same graphic layout Gamegear emulator.

No word on pricing but we should expect the same price tag as the first emulator $1.49.

Source Facebook Via WPCentral

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