Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Little Monsters - Great free puzzle game for Windows Phone

Really well done, this Little Monsters, a free games that appeared a few days on WP Marketplace, which puts out for the care taken by developers to graphics and gameplay. In fact, rather than developers, we should talk about the developer, saw Little Monsters is the brainchild of one person, the British coder Martyn Hawkins of Whitehawk Games.

As is easy to see from the video that accompanies this post, Little Monsters is a puzzle game based on the laws of physics. The task of the player, to get rid of all the 'monsters' that haunt the screen of our smartphones, carefully placing bombs at its disposal.
There are over 30 levels to deal with, and well 6 types of monsters present, which would ensure longevity, already, were it not that this is even a level editor . Thanks to it, it will be possible to create your own to share with other players, you download those already prepared and present on the Net.

Little Monsters can be found here in WP Marketplace

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