Friday, October 5, 2012

Xbox Windows Phone Deal Of The Week: geoDefense Swarm

Punctual as a Swiss watch Microsoft this week as any other announced the appointment at a discount tied to one of the Xbox Live games in Windows Phone Store.
This time it's  geoDefense Swarm to be distributed at special prices, rising from $2.99 to $1.99 . We are faced therefore with a great deal on an instrument belonging to a genre that has been able to shine on his own thanks to smartphones on the market in recent years.
geoDefense Swarm is a veritable Tower Defence games , followed actually after the initial geoDefense games, from which has obviously inherited the main features, although the developers have added new features and juicy.
Remains constant then the motion engine and the choice of using the technique of vector graphics once again. Is completely revised the IA, which now does not move on rails fixed but always trying to find different ways, making the task of the player slightly more complicated.
The user must delight to build mazes, move obstacles and all the classic Tower Defence actions that every self-respecting absolutely must propose.
It only remains to take advantage of the offer and get this interesting game.

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