Friday, January 18, 2013

Nokia updates Nokia Trailers, Contact Share and Bluetooth Share

Nokia with its incessant updates dedicated to the Nokia Lumia unique applications has started becoming to be real sub-ecosystem of the Windows Phone platform.

Firstly, we will start with Bluetooth Share. The Nokia Lumia exclusive app has been updated to version . The changes are not known but is likely to have been improved reliability and stability of the bluetooth connections .
"With Bluetooth Share you can send and receive image and audio files between your devices. Switch Bluetooth on anytime you want to send or receive files, pair your devices and start using Bluetooth Share."

The second app that was updated was Contacts Share, and it was bumped to version  version  and this update was for the Nokia Lumia 7.5 /7.8 devices.

"Contacts Share is a quick and easy way of sharing useful contact details via SMS or email. You can seamlessly share contacts from almost any phone* – Symbian, Android, iOS, BlackBerry and others as this useful app uses standard Vcard format. Once shared, you receive them either in the app’s own inbox if sent via SMS. Or if emailed, you’ll find them in your email inbox.And your new contacts appear in the Windows Phone People Hub, from where it’s easy to call, email, chat or follow friends on your favorite social network. * This app isn’t available for CDMA phones."

And finally is the Nokia Trailers turn. The Nokia Lumia app has been update to version  and as usual no change log has been provided.
"Nokia Trailers is the best app for viewing teasers and trailers for new and upcoming movies:* Browse and discover new movies.* Watch trailers by downloading or streaming them directly.* Share your favorites with friends.* With the live tile you'll get updates about the latest trailers directly to your home screen.* Use the watchlist feature to easily set reminders for movies you wish to see.* Use the movie theaters map to find nearby theaters"

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