Monday, January 23, 2012

Cartridge: Super Mario look alike free game for Windows Phone

Cartridge is a game developed for Windows Phone that shows a simple platform game with game modes in Super Mario Bros.

Graphically cared enough for the genre, Cartridge is the kind of game that can not be missing in our list if we appreciate the mythic and timeless Super Mario. 

The game's story tells Tigre that has been kidnapped by Glitch, a volatile tyrant, and his son,not that the protagonist of this game, he undertook a long journey adventurous his wish to search for the father and release him from the tyrant bird. The game is totally inspired the classic platform game made by Nintendo such as Mario Bros, Metroid and Meganam. In each level you must collect bonuses, overcome obstacles and defeat enemies through 48 levels interconnected. Cartridge develops portrait to be more like a handheld game console about old times. 

The developers claim that the choice of controls was difficult, but have adopted a gamepad wide and located at the bottom of the screen to provide better user experience and not with your fingers occupy the playing area. Effects and movements well cared for and made to collect the bonuses along the levels very similar to those proposed by the Nintendo Super Mario.

Cartridge can be downloaded for free from the Windows Phone Marketplace 

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