Thursday, January 19, 2012

Folders: The Homebrew application to create folders directly from Windows Phone is upgraded to version 2.0

The guys from windowsphonehacker released a new version of their homebrew app that allows you to create folders in Windows Phone.

At a distance of exactly one week from the first version , that's available for all Windows users with unlocked phones comes the second version of this homebrew app. Through the application  you can create and manage folders directly from the device.


The setup requires the following:
  • Developer/Chevron/etc unlocked phone. 
  • This should be less of an issue once ChevronWP7 Labs is releasedWindows Phone 7.5 Mango (for the secondary tiles)
  • Create unlimited folders to pin to your start screen
  • Completely custom groupings (not restricted by categories of any sort)
  • NEW:configure directly from your phone! (on-device branch)
  • Add Marketplace, homebrew, built-in applications, and websites to a folder (Desktop branch)
  • Automatic Marketplace look up
  • Automatic homebrew XAP parsing
  • Shortcuts to WiFi, Bluetooth, Flight mode, and cellular settings
  • Fully customizable with the ability to manually edit application entries
  • Folders. Something other Windows Phones don't have. Gotta love homebrew, no?
More info at WindowsphoneHacker 

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