Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ProAktivo: Great New Workout Tracker For Windows Phone (Video)

Getting bored or you are not pleased with current Sports/Workout Trackers available for Windows Phone. Then you should try ProAktivo and see for you self is this app has what it takes to be your workout companion.

Developer description:

"ProAktivo is all-in-one mobile centric solution for tracking, analyzing and sharing your workouts on Windows Phone devices. With ProAktivo you can easily improve your fitness and gain better understanding of your workout trends and performance over time.

Best of all, there is no need for an expensive, standalone fitness tracking device, no need for additional payments, no hassle with additional websites, no subscriptions and no ads. All of your workout data is stored on your device.
Main features:
• Track duration, distance, speed, pace, calorie   consumption, elevation and other essential data of your workout
• Display your current position and route on a map
• Track your accurate split times
• Get time or distance based audio feedback on your workout performance
• Take a note about your workout and your feelings during the same
• Easy route management
• Track your best achievements and records on a workout level or monthly basis
• Check overall summary of your workouts or summary by workout types
• Analyze your progress on daily, weekly or monthly basis
• Discover and analyze your established workout trends based by days of the month,
• days of the week, hours of the day and months of the year
• Share your workout achievements on Facebook and Twitter
• Notify your friends and family via email
• Export your individual detailed workouts in various supported formats(GPX, GPZ,
  KPL, KPZ, CSV) for use on social fitness sites
• Multi-language support(English, German and Croatian)
• Multi-theme support - Choose the look of application between three beautiful themes
• Imperial and metric measurement units"

ProAktivo has price tag of $3.99 but you can take this app for trial run and see if it meets your standards, ProAktivo can be found here at WP Marketplace

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  1. Looking pretty nice app for Windows users. Multi-language and multi-theme support like features add more interests to the app. Such an useful application indeed.