Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This Week’s Xbox LIVE Title Wordament is now available in WP Marketplace

Microsoft has decided to bring forward by one day the game was released on the marketplace, perhaps to allow us to rest during the day tomorrow.Originally the game was released but not Xbox Live certified. Now new is update available,bringing Wordament to version 2.0 and  joining the Xbox Live games for Windows Phone. 

In the marketplace we can read the following description:
The great success of Windows Phone 7. Finally on Xbox LIVE! You too can discover the game that fascinates thousands of players, measured in wins and goals with friends and frenemies .
This version includes new features, including:
  • A new graphics with beautiful backgrounds
  • Upon request, the results screen you can find all words that include a particular piece
  • Guest mode: you can make to play someone else, without changing your stats
  • Multilanguage support: at interface only, but keep informed by reading the blog
  • Finally sound! (Optional Options menu)
  • Improved Performance
  • And much more!
Wordament ® is a unique game of its kind, a real tournament of words in which to compete with all the Internet to win every game as the greatest composer of words.Each player vies for the best score competing with the same set of letters, in real time. Want to be the next champion?
Do not make differences between friends and enemies! Tap the names of everyone in the results list to add them to your frenemies ™, displayed at the end of each game. Your Xbox LIVE friends will be added automatically.
Wordament will amaze you in its simplicity. Each set of letters concealed more than 100 words and every piece counts for something. The optimized dictionary helps you find the most common words that you have escaped. There are also themed games, such as diagrams, that have as much as a goal to make as many words as possible with a two-piece letters.
The interface is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Swedish.The rankings of the game are always in English. Follow the blog to discover the languages ​​coming soon.
How to play and win what is it all to you!
Remember that the game is Xbox Live downloadable for free from the WP MarketplaceThe game has 17 goals and 200 unlockable Game Score to obtain. 

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