Sunday, September 23, 2012

Viber for Nokia Lumia with support for voice conversations available for download

As promised a few weeks ago, Viber with support for voice conversations is now available to download from the Store. But there is a catch, since it can be downloaded and installed only on Nokia Lumia devices.

Unfortunately, despite the efforts of the Viber development team supported by Nokia this new version is not the best. Notifications, just as with Skype are not supported, voice conversations sometimes do not work (can not hear the audio) and also with text messages there is a problem.
However, for the free download we recommend you click the link below or scan the QR code, or access the Nokia Collection.


  1. that sux. Why would you release voic version of VIBER when is doesnt work ??? I tried it on my lumia 800 and cant hear nothing. I also install it on 710 but same thing.

    Hmm, i hope, its just beta version and they will fix it soon.

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  3. Hmm, i hope, its just beta version and they will fix it soon.I like it.Nice post.