Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Deal Alert - CleverPhoto is now free for a limited time

The summer sales period is embraced by Windows Phone developers and now is time for Clever Software, which they decide to totally reset the price of CleverPhoto, obviously for a limited period of time.
CleverPhoto is a powerful image editor perfectly suited for beginners. Thanks to a particularly simple and intuitive graphical user interface, able to put at ease even less accustomed to the practice of digital customization.

CleverPhoto functions are many and above all able to roam between different options. And in fact possible to rotate the image, apply filters, effects and much more.
Obviously, their creations can be shared directly to Facebook, so to their friends list showing the results obtained. The same procedure can be done Flickr, interfacing directly with your account.
CleverPhoto is without doubt a great program that can do its job perfectly and with the zero cost at this moment is certainly a valid reason to get the software in question.
Take advantage of this offer because CleverPhoto price of $1.49 will return within a few days.

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