Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Skype version 1.2 released with several improvements and a few fixes

From the official blog of Skype we hear of the release ofversion 1.2 of Skype for Windows Phone device.Developed as part of Skype Garage, the new updated version will be available shortly on the Marketplace, in the meantime we are below the innovations that will bring with him.

Complete release notes for Skype v1.2.0.257 for Windows Phone
Improvements :
  • All contacts with at least one number appear in the list of Skype contacts
  • Ability to change the phone number before calling Dial-pad
Problems solved :
  • Notifications - Event Calendar or as a notification of incoming call can no longer finish a Skype call in progress
  • Instant Messaging - Instant Messages sent with success indicator will not show a "pending"
  • Generic - Several bugs and memory leaks have been fixed

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