Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Custom ROM - Windows Phone Tango 8779 now available for HTC Titan and HTC HD2

The HTC Titan and HTC HD2 are now able to get the next Windows Phone OS update 8773 ,which eventually will be coming to all Windows Phone Mango devices, thanks to contributions from the community.Just are, you will notice the first custom ROM for the two devices based on the HTC build 8779 of Windows Phone Tango.
These two projects developed by the user of the forums at XDA Pdaimatejam and two other skilled developers who have realized respectively HD20@v2.02 HTC HD2 and Dynamics7 v1.21 for Titan. The common denominator of the four ROM mentioned is the new Windows Phone platform base.
The details of the two ROM, along with other useful resources for installation can be viewed by connecting to the official topic which is shown below:

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