Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Crimson Dragon Side Story, a new Xbox live side-scrolling shooter is now available

Crimson Dragon: Side Story is the new Xbox Live game this week, distributed only $ 0.99 in the Marketplace for all Windows Phone smartphones. This is a side-scrolling shooter with settings in fantasy style in which you must defeat enemies using the strength and tenacity of the dragons you have bred and trained.
"Set on the mysterious planet Draco, "Crimson Dragon: Side Story" is a shooter that sees you engaged in heated battles in the saddle of your dragon. Guide your horse and take aim at the enemy with a flick of a finger: the control system is perfect for your Windows Phone 7! Breeding new dragons to control and use them in the game until they level up and customize their attacks to choose from over 170 skills. Parts for Draco today!"
The 3D graphics are decent and the touch controls to govern the dragons are practical and comfortable. At your disposal there will be dozens of missions, the ability to purchase in-game, a lot of skill to their dragons and the ability to unlock achievements and challenge their friends in the Xbox Live platform. In addition, once the first mission you will receive the gift of a special t-shirt for your Xbox Live avatar.
You can try it for free Crimson Dragon: Side Story by clicking this link which will take you to the relevant page on the Marketplace. Below the video trailer for the Xbox version that will give you an idea of what will be the gameplay on Windows Phone.

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