Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Homebrew - Orientation Lock updated to version 3.0

Jaxbot, the renowned developer from Windows Phone Hacker, has released yesterday a new version of the homebrew that allows you to disable the accelerometer of our Windows Phone devices so as not to rotate the screen in various applications.

We have seen in the past, early versions of this application showed that while working for small problems or discounts such as the need to restart the phone to lock and unlock the screen rotation, resolved in version 2.0. The new version 3.0 the id number you can put in a tile dedicated homescreen that acts as a switch to lock and unlock the screen rotation without accessing the application. Practically the application will open and close automatically changing the setting screen rotation. Moreover, you will understand at a glance what state is the rotation of the screen (locked, unlocked) with open or closed padlock image in the background in this tile.

Unlike the previous version that worked with a simple developer unlocked (no interop unlock), this new version requires the device to be interop unlock and granted access with WP Root Tool or 3rd alternative Custom ROM.

You can download the application from  WindowsPhoneHacker

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