Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Incredible Circus: The popular game from Nokia Labs is now available for Windows Phone

"Ladies and gentleman , welcome to our new show. We are gathered here to present our new amazing Circus! "Incredible Circus is the name of the new game that Nokia Brazil has made ​​available online a few days ago,in the WP Marketplace , entirely free.

The task of the player to make a fearless acrobat, dressed as an astronaut, is able to reach the end of each level, jumping from a springboard to another.
Sounds simple, but it is an easy task, since each of the 32 levels available at present is full of new dangers always ready to do anything to prevent our hero from attaining their goal.
The Incredible Circus is a really good game and, given , is not to be missed! Download it and ... careful not to fall from platforms and fire eaters!

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