Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fling will be released on Windows Phone Marketplace as Xbox Live title

Fling a very interesting developed by miniclip is coming to Windows phone as Xbox Live title on Wednesday.
Fling is real puzzle game where the main purpose is centered in an attempt to leave on the table only a colored ball. The elimination of fur balls can only be hitting the various counterparts on the Stage, rolling them out of the level.
With a simple touch because we choose to throw the ball in the horizontal or vertical direction of a second sphere, in order to eliminate it from the table. Classically, the entire title is based on continuous forfeiture of points, each time trying to beat its own record.

There are four game modes present in Fling. Free-play, Arcade, Challenge and Frenzy are the challenges to be faced by the player, of course, characterized by increasingly challenging puzzles and of course unique rules depending on the chosen section. In Arcade for example, you have to solve the puzzle within a certain time limit while Frenzy is based on the continuous attempt to survive. Just Frenzy Arcade and also have a unique set of Achievements to unlock.
Fling will arrive in WP Martkeplace on 20 June, priced at $ 0.99 .

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