Monday, September 24, 2012

Nokia Reading updated to version with News Stream and eBook import

Nokia Reading, the exclusive application for Nokia Lumia smartphones dedicated to reading ebooks and news has just received a new update to version The new release of Nokia Reading introduces, News Stream , which organizes in a custom RSS from newspapers, blogs and other websites. Another new feature is the ability to import via SkyDrive eBooks in DRM-free (in PDF and ePUB). 
Recall that the application provides the holders of a smartphone Lumia a rich collection of books and magazines and is one of the exclusive app made ​​by Nokia that help to differentiate the terminals of the Finnish manufacturer from Windows Phone competitors.
News Stream uses a UI that is neat, adopting the same style as the Windows 8 UI style of Windows Phone and the RSS has many sources of information in a comprehensive grid of rectangles and squares containing images and text, clearly inspired by the UI of Windows Phone.Selecting individual boxes, you can display the news in its entirety, display it in the browser Internet Explorer and share it via social networks. The application includes a number of pre-set topics, but the user has the ability to customize them according to your preferences.Interesting the possibility to insert the individual topic Start screen of Windows Phone, displaying the latest information of each topic.
The second important innovation introduced by Nokia Reading about the ability to import your eBooks via SkyDrive. The only restriction is that the eBooks must be DRM-free. The import is done via the "My Books" application. After you connect your Nokia account of Reading in to SkyDrive, you can browse through folders and select which eBook imported into the library of Nokia Reading.
Nokia Reading, like all the other unique applications dedicated to samrtphone Nokia Lumia, can be downloaded for free by connecting the Nokia Collection. Alternatively, you can download from the Windows Phone Store.

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