Friday, February 3, 2012

Skype for Windows Phone in testing, release to the public at the Mobile World Congress

Joe Belfiore had announced the arrival of the official Skype application on Windows Phone platform by the end of 2011. Unfortunately this did not happen, but it seems to come from the latest news that the release will happen soon.

According to the TheVerge , Microsoft has started testing for its official Skype client. Many observers have received the news that Microsoft employees are able to download the official application from the marketplaceWindows Phone.Skype for Windows Phone Metro adopts the familiar user interface, this classic platform, depending on the head, the graphics will be very similar to what you can see in this article.

As previously announced, the application will, at least initially, not integrated into the operating system, Microsoft has worked hard on this client, and many are willing to bet that the result will be great.TheVerge announced that at least one of his sources informed him that the launch of Skype for Windows Phone may be at Mobile World Congress 2012, scheduled later this month.

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