Friday, February 3, 2012

Two new games coming to Xbox Live for Windows Phone!

Having seen the list of Xbox Live games coming in the month of February ( Here are the prices and release dates for the next five games Xbox Live for Windows Phone ), here revealed two new games coming on the platform of Windows Phone, it is of "Gerbil Physics" and "iStunt2".

Both games mentioned above, will become part of the increasingly populated list of Xbox Live for Windows Phone. A characteristic that unites these two games is the use of physics in fact, even if in a different way, exploit the physics forgo through the levels. 

Gerbil Physics 
Developed by Beringela, shows a nice game where you have to drop the objects in the layer below the colored line. To do this we have bombs, ropes and other means that allow us to interact with objects using physics.

Developed by Miniclip shows a fun snowboarding game where we ride the waves of snow and collect bonuses in the layer. This game is already available for iPhone OS and the Web.

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