Friday, February 24, 2012

Xbox Live game Gerbils Physics for Windows Phone hitting the Marketplace on March 14th!

Microsoft recently announced the titles of the new games for Xbox Live for Windows Phone that are due to be released in March.

Gerbil Physics is a physics puzzler. In each level, players are presented with one or more stacks of gerbils and an allotment of bombs. The goal is to use careful bomb placement in order to knock the gerbils below a yellow line. If a gerbil remains above the line when you run out of bombs, you’ll fail the level and have to try again. Some levels throw addition kinks into the mix, like structures that must not be knocked over. 

The developers report that despite the game has only 72 levels,  in the future they will release new levels of play and put some music for the game to use as ringtones for our smartphone (with a free upgrade).

Gerbil Physics comes to Xbox Live on Wednesday, March 14. It will cost $2.99. Looking a bit farther into the future, the developers plan to add new levels and ringtones via free title updates.  

Via WPCentral


  1. what makes Gerbil Physics unique is Apart from the cutesy graphical element (more on that shortly), what I've spotted is the fusing of the bombs, and the more awkward terrain where the levels are constructed.

  2. Gerbil Physics is a lot like Angry Birds. You use gerbils to knock down sand castles and get points in the process