Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Youtube Live:The first YouTube live player for Windows Phones

YouTube Live app for Windows Phone allows you to watch all the live channels on YouTube.With YouTube Live now you can be up to date with the latest news in fashion, sports, and even world news that you regularly watch through the official YouTube Live webpage.

NOTE: Youtube Live is currently FREE without any limitation or ads. 

Youtube Live is a unique application for watching live channels on Youtube. With Youtube Live app, you will never miss tens of live events broadcasted everyday on Youtube including news (CBC Live, News TBS), fashion (Fashion TV, Fashion One channles), sports (Live Sport Tonigh, Australia Tennis Cups, Hockey League, USA Wrestling) talk, lectures (MNT, SEN), games...Youtube Live's features include:

1. Watch live channels 

2. See list of upcoming channels 

3. See list of channels which will be available in the next 7 days 
YouTube live is a free app and can be found here at WP Marketplace

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  1. I have an android phone. Is this application available for android? Good news for Windows phone users.