Monday, April 9, 2012

Homebrew - WPH Tweaks app that brings useful tweaks for unlocked Windows Phones

The guys at WindowsPhoneHacker are continuing their great work bringing useful homebrew apps for unlocked WP devices. Today they have released a new app,called WPH Tweaks.

WPH Tweaks app allows simple, elegant tweaking of various options in the WP7 operating system.

  • Simple and elegant
  • Toggle Dehydration
  • Toggle clock visibility
  • Toggle 32bit color
  • Enable 'never' screen timeout
  • Allow media access while the phone is syncing
  • Spoof Xbox "Gold" status and send messages without subscription
  • Change phone's voice
  • Charge your phone wirelessly (not really, but it'll make the OS think that)
  • Change your OEM Marketplace
More info about this app and download link at WindowsPhoneHacker

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