Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sid Meier's Pirates is the new Xbox Live game for Windows Phone

So its Wednesday and as usual Microsoft releases a new game for Xbox Live for  Windows Phone.

The new Xbox Live game for Windows Phone is "Sid Meier's Pirates!" Shows an exciting adventure across the sea in ships where the challenges are the basis of the fun. You will need you to become a fearless pirate, put together an "army" of bandits to undertake missions and daring rescues in order to collect the hidden treasure maps. Among the game's features include:
  • 27 customizable ships with different weapons on board, assorted ammunition from guns
  • Challenge the most famous pirates in history as Blackbeard and Captain Kidd and Henry Morgan
  • Use the touch controls of our enemies to challenge your Windows Phone

The game can be downloaded from the WP Marketplace at a price of $2.99  and of course as usual  free trial is available.

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