Thursday, May 10, 2012

Call Summoner - Free trading card game for Windows Phone

Do you love card games and you like having them on yours Windows Phone and recently you have felt like 'left outside? If that is the case, you will be happy to know that now in the WP Marketplace is available an excellent title that belongs to that genre, what's more interesting its a free game and its name is Call Summoner ,developed by the software house Nex Game Studios.

Summoner Call is set in the past, in ancient times when the most feared warrior was known as the Sorcerer , since he was able to summon creatures to powerful and terrible pursue their own battles.
Call Summoner is a classic CCG (Collectible Card Game) , even if you opted for a slightly simplified gameplay, and free, but only for now, the opportunity to compete against other online opponents.
There are 3 heroes for the player, each with its own attributes and their specific qualities, and then have to struggle with 21 different types of enemies and struggle of more than 60 papers by various effects (evocation, care, damage, poison, etc..).

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