Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Feed Me Oil is the latest addition to Xbox Live games corner of Windows Phone Marketplace

Our weekly usual appointment to report , when Microsoft releases a new game for Xbox Live, now we can see the entry into the marketplace of the new game Feed Me Oil, born as iOS title now has arrived in the Xbox Live section of  Windows Phone. 
Feed Me Oil is a logic game Enigmo style where the cunning, skill and a lot of physics are the basis for the resolution of this game. The aim is to bring the oil inside the mouths of giant creatures.

In the marketplace we can read the following description:
When the famine comes, you find the oil! We welcome you in a strange and wonderful place, where the earth is alive, in the true sense of the word, and is dying of hunger! Your job is to bring the oil pipeline route from the mouths of those strange creatures. But it will not be easy, you should use a lot of strange tools and your brain to solve puzzles.
A wide range of levels that will test your mind. Infinite replayability: the puzzles have multiple solutions!

Fun to play 
intuitive controls and very easy to learn. Super realistic and fluid physics, for results never seen before. Use fans, magnets and more to pass each level!

Design unique and surreal that you hooked. Exceptional soundtrack with jazz songs, piano pieces and many more.
The game is available in the marketplace at a price of $0.99 , a modest price that Microsoft has never taken before today for its Xbox Live titles in issuing certificates. The game provides free trial version and the objectives to unlock.

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