Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Xbox Live Deal of the Week: Chickens Can’t Fly

Chickens Can't Fly is a game developed by Microsoft Studios for Xbox live, already seen in the free version of Windows Phone as the "Chickens Can Dream", a fun game that shows we are committed to helping the birds to escape the clutches the dangers that will arise along the levels.Chickens Can't Fly is this week Xbox Live Game of the Week and now a dollar cheaper (but only for a week). Chickens Can’t Fly is now the Xbox Live Deal of the Week. The game usually goes for $2.99 but right now you can get it for only $1.99.

Game description: 

Join the ranks of our scientists and see what chickens are capable of! Chickens Can't Fly takes you in the depths of a secret facility, where you can do some wacky science:

• Play in 5 different Laboratories.
• Conduct over 50 Experiments with varied objectives.
• Gently guide the chicken around obstacles and power-downs.
• Try the Survival Mode to see just how long you can go.
• Take part in the Challenge of the Week.
• Funny and classy Ringtones to light up your phone.
• Xbox LIVE Leaderboards and Achievements.
• Over 9000 more content than Chickens can Dream

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