Wednesday, May 30, 2012

MonstaFish - Great new Xbox live game arrived on Windows Phone

Here is a new and fun to play Xbox Live game, now available on Marketplace just $0.99. This is MonstaFish, set in a colorful aquarium where monstrous fish continue to pollute and your task will therefore be to eliminate them! A provision will have four different game modes in which you can use various tactics of destruction of the lethal toxic MonstaFish.
Lower the hook to save the Golden Fish in the "fish hook" or hit the fish with the touch of your fingers and with the precision of a sharpshooter in the "Hunt Fish". Or play "Fight against time", where just you and your finger to combat a wave of fish and against the clock! And finally, let loose with the rules MonstaFish! itself, using the bubbles sympathetic to defeat the Super Octopus smart MonstaFish. If all this were not enough, you can finally relax a bit 'in the' Bath of Fish "and take care of the fish and make them multiply.
With its stunning graphics, captivating sounds and catchy melodies it is impossible not to play this remarkable water battle .

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