Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nokia Transport Beta - Nokia Lumia exclusive app bumped to version 2.1

Nokia Transport app is well established in the section of the app store dedicated exclusively to Windows Phone branded Nokia , but the development of new Beta does not stop. For a short time is available the Beta version (release of ' app 2.1) application which at firstdoes not bring any novelty can be discerned , and most likely have been fixed some minor bugs. 

We recall that Nokia Transport allows to obtain information on the traffic of more than 500 cities in 45 countries. Also we can get the path to use to move more quickly by public transport such as metro, trams, trains and buses.
As the final version of the app, even version 2.1 Beta is completely free, download and use of this version is restricted to owners of phones Nokia Lumia device and possibly takes part of the user feedback on any malfunctions or suggestions about areas for improvement of Nokia Transport.

More info and download at Betalabs.Nokia

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