Monday, June 18, 2012

Climate Mission 3D - First exclusive game for Nokia Lumia devices

Nokia is continuing with  the development of applications dedicated to its Lumia devices.The latest development is Climate Mission 3D puzzle game, released exclusively for the  Windows Phone made by the Finnish company.
Already proposed by Nokia for its device Symbian ^ 3 , Climate Mission 3D , which confirms the commitment of the Finnish giant in environmental sustainability, is a puzzle game developed by Nokia to raise awareness of all of us about the possible consequences caused by climate change and indiscriminate exploitation of the environment that surrounds us.
With 3D graphics, the game consists of three different mini games, each containing 20 levels, and through the various missions located in different parts of the world, and have fun while you learn to take care of nature.
Available for free in Nokia Collection section of the Marketplace, Climate Mission 3D can also be downloaded by using Bing Vision, by scanning the QR Code Below a video of the game running on Nokia Lumia 900 published by WMExperts .

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