Friday, July 13, 2012

Mirror's Edge - First EA exclusive game (Xbox Live) for Nokia Lumia devices

Mirror's Edge is the first games of series of games for Nokia WP devices as Lumia exclusive games produced by the software company Electronic Arts and was added to the list of Xbox Live titles.
Experience the world of Faith Connors, a illegal " Runner ", which must take action to prevent a lethal threat in a "perfect" society, controlled by disturbing surveillance systems and relentless trackers.
So you will need to run up walls, sliding down the ramps, jump and perform spectacular stunts to evade their pursuers, making your way through 14 levels of increasing intensity. You'll have to think and act quickly and address furious melee combat.
The graphics of this game is really well done, with detailed environments and a city that offers quality rendering realistic images. All this is accompanied by a soundtrack vibrant and dynamic shots.

To get the game  follow the link or use Bing Vision  for the QR Code for purchase from WP Marktplace.The game has price tag of $2.99 ,with the free trial.

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