Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nokia Transport 2.1 beta - Changelog and official video

Nokia continues to treat very convincingly software exclusively dedicated to the Lumia devices. Nokia released a new update for its Nokia Transport app,that allows you to plan your trips inside the more than 400 cities in the database application. The new update expands the options for trip planning, improved search functionality and performance.

More specifically, the update introduces the following innovations :
  • Ability to locate places in the home favorite. And 'possible to place many destinations such as the Home screen to make it easier to find the path
  • Ability to display the names of stations and times of stops along the way
  • Research of the stations, times of departure and the type of transmission line in the vicinity
  • Improved search capabilities: storage and search of the last opportunity to move on without abandoning the path view
  • Improved Performance
  • Integration with Bing and Local Scout ( where available )
To illustrate the new features described above, Nokia has just released the video that we offer below:
For more information on Nokia Transport , we refer to the Nokia Beta Labs site.Upgrading to the new version should already have been sent to the Lumia 610, 710, 800 and 900.
Interestingly, in conclusion, that Nokia Transport has good prospects of development in the future may lead to use the smartphone with NFC chips to make the payment of tickets on public transport. In this regard, has already been activated, a pilot program that will allow a small group of users in New York to start using smartphones NFC to move around the Long Island Rail Road. A project is certainly interesting, which we hope will find application in the future within the Italian cities.

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