Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Soundrivin – A SoundCloud client for WP7

A few days ago in the WP Marketplace landed very interesting app named Soundrivin,which allows you to access your SoundCloud account from your Windows Phone. of interfacing with SoundCloud, the system can access their music library using the phone.

With a user-friendly interface, the user can perform any action available on SoundCloud directly from your mobile device, subject of course log in using your username and password.
Manage your bookmarks, add friends and navigate the various folders are possible through actions based Soundrivin, not counting the many additional features.
In addition to listening is in fact possible to try and find new songs, recording new tracks and run directly upload the file and store it in your own space on SoundCloud and sharing it at a later time.
No more problems with memory on your mobile device with Soundrivin then, just to have a data subscription with your account and a telephone operator and his favorite music is always available through this simple and free application.

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