Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sonic CD arrives for Xbox on Windows Phone

Sonic CD for Windows Phone is available to download from the Windows Phone Store. SEGA first announced Sonic CD for Windows Phone back in August 2011, but after long wait, today finally arrived

The game has been adapted and optimized for Microsoft's mobile platform only to provide the best user experience but also to be included in the collection of exclusive, high-quality Xbox games for Windows Phone.
Improvements include support for widescreen, a renewed graphic engine, the ability to choose the U.S. or Japanese version of the soundtrack, and optimal touch controls. Moreover, being an Xbox game are intended objectives and overall rankings online.
"To put an end to the diabolical plans of Dr. Eggman, Sonic must use the power of Little Planet and travel in time, destroy the machines of Dr. Eggman in the past to stop it in the future, and retrieve the stones of time disappeared.16:9, with achievements, leaderboards and the original Japanese soundtrack! Try this epic adventure through time that introduced Amy Rose and the most evil creature of Dr. Eggman: Metal Sonic."
Sonic CD for Windows Phone is available at $ 4.99 with free trial included that will allow you to play the first levels. 

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