Tuesday, December 27, 2011

HoloPhone 3D game

Update v1.6 includes a winter wonderland snow globe hologram just in time for the holidays.  Amaze your friends and family with a fun and festive interactive 3D snow globe in your phone.  Also, included in this update is some small tweaks and bug fixes to existing holograms. (v1.7 fixes a number of crash issues and adds optional email support to assist customers in trouble shooting) 
Update v1.5 adds almost 3x more hologram content and mini-games to HoloPhone3D
FREE Trial now includes an amazing 4 holograms and 4 mini-games

Experience the magic of real interactive 3D holograms on your phone! Forget glasses, special screens and 2D gimmicks - HoloPhone 3D delivers real 3D hologram fun for all ages. It's like having a HoloDeck in your pocket. 

Featuring: - 
 - 24 interactive hologram experiences 
 - Stunning 3D graphics rendered in silky smooth 30 fps 
 - Incredible lighting and shadows 
 - New holographic UI
 - Amazing physics environments with full multi-touch support
 - 10 marble maze mini-game levels with scores and ratings
 - New 'Asteroid Attack' mini-game - imagine "Fruit Ninja meets Asteroids in 3D" :)

Try it today for FREE and see why HoloPhone3D was selected as a certified 'HotApp' by Channel9! Even the incredible screenshots don't do it justice... See videos and more on YouTube - search 'HoloPhone3D'. Future updates will include new holograms and mini games. See more videos and connect with me at http://holophone3d.com/videos
HoloPhone 3D is available at Marketplace

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