Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Implode!: Discover all the objectives to unlock Xbox Live

Implode! Xbox Live is a Game for Windows Phone shows that physics-based puzzle game, consisting of 150 levels, which looks like a drawing on the blackboard.

Like all Xbox Live games, even Implode! has goals to unlock GameScore to get the points that are assigned the release of the objectives. In total, Implode! it has 16, that if all unlocked, can boost your 200-GGameScore. We see below the list of objectives and related points:
  • 10 Areas Unlocked: Unlock 10 areas in the game. (10pts)
  • 12 Zone Unlock: Unlock 12 areas in the game. (10pts)
  • 15 Zone Unlock: Unlock 15 zones in the game. (10pts)
  • Zone 4 Unlocked: Unlock 4 zones in the game. (10pts)
  • 6 Zone Unlock: Unlock 6 areas in the game. (10pts)
  • 8 Zone Unlock: Unlock 8 zones in the game. (10pts)
  • Ace!: Earn your first A +. (10pts)
  • Architect: Create a custom level. (10pts)
  • Bombs Away!: Explode 10 unique buildings. (10pts)
  • Implosion Apprentice: Earn a grade of A + in every level of 6 zones. (15Punti)
  • Implosion Expert: Earn a grade of A + in every level of 10 zones. (20Punti)
  • Grandmaster Implosion: Earn a grade of A + in every level of the game (20Punti)
  • Implosion Master: Earn a grade of A + in every level of 12 zones. (20Punti)
  • Implosion Novice: Earn a grade of A + in every level of 4 zones. (10pts)
  • Implosion Worker Qualified: Earn a grade of A + in every level of 8 zones. (15Punti)
  • Implosion 101: Exploding a building (10pts)

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