Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blue Tomato:SEGA emulator for Windows Phone returns to the marketplace

Surely you remember the first emulator SEGA arrived in the marketplace, Windows Phone by the name of Sonic's Jewels and 7, withdrawn from the marketplace due to copyright issues.

Finally, the emulator has been re-certified by Microsoft and included in the marketplace as the Blue Tomato.The emulator has been released as an update of the previous version so that those who had bought the old version will again pay Blue Tomato.

In this new version, unlike the first, we have the ability to activate the audio and load the ROMs in zip format.

Blue Tomato has a price tag of $1.29 and you can try it for free,just to see if the emulator is worth paying for, the emulator can be found here at WP Marketplace

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