Sunday, February 12, 2012

LG has released 3 new apps into their corner of the Marketplace

LG has released three new exclusive applications and free in its corner of Windows Phone Marketplace: NowCaster, Winny Toolbox and Winny & Friends.

Nowcaster,the first of the three new apps is clearly designed to be used in the car or you just to busy and you can read for your self or something like that.On launch the app will read aloud your calendar, the weather and the latest news, giving one-click access to the information.

Toolbox Winny seems to me rather more useful in providing a series of small tools that can actually be used in everyday life: a comprehensive unit converter (energy, angle, pressure, itesse, weight, volume, temperature, etc.)

Winny and Friends,an application that is really for children. It has two parts. The first part, clearly intended for very young, has a little character (there are several) that comes alive when pressing the screen.The other part will, however, for children a little older, it allows you to take a picture by placing various elements on the screen (characters in various positions or accessories like a mustache, glasses, etc.), in Basically it's augmented reality base. You can also add these items to an existing photo in your phone.

The three LG apps can be found in LG OEM part of the Marketplace

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