Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sega emulator returning back to WP Marketplace as Blue Tomato

The saga of Sonic's Jewels 7 continues, as we can recall the emulator was due for a nice sound update.But sadly the update never reach the Marketplace since it was pulled due to a copyright claim by Sega.

SEGA had promptly asked Microsoft to remove the application because it was an unauthorized use of graphics and its brands. The developer has not been left be discourage and went right to work to remove the names and the graphics property of SEGA.

The new name will be Blue Tomato and application has already been sent to Microsoft for certification, you see screenshort refer to the new version. The developer has sent as an update to the previous version so that users who had purchased the emulator.Blue Tomato, unlike its predecessor, will enable audio in games and even upload your ROM format. Zip

We will keep you posted if or when the app passes certification and is re-available for download again.

Source Facebook; Via Plaffo


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