Friday, April 6, 2012

Card Collector - Windows Phone app dedicated to collectible card games

Those who follow the world of trading card games such as Magic The Gathering (to name one of the most famous), certainly know how comfortable can it be when you have a database with its own collection with cards, condition, value and prices.

During tournaments or exhibitions, however, the excitement and crowds could jeopardize stolen cards in your wallets and Card Collector you can find an easy and safe for trade and sales.
Card Collector helps you organize, track and showcase your collectible cards on your Windows Phone.

- Matches the metro theme and accent color
- Add an unlimited number of cards
- Add a photo to each card
- Set the condition, cost, value, aquired and issue date of a card
- Set cards as favorites or add to your wishlist
- Easily search cards by name
- List all your cards alphabetically

For help and support go to:

Card Collector has a price tag of $0.99

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