Sunday, April 22, 2012

Little Ghost - A Spirited arcade game for Windows Phone

The title for Windows Phone that we deal with today is Little Ghost.This is a fun arcade game that puts players in the shoes (so to speak ...) of a ghost who must collect all the diamonds and the magic keys on the screen.

Easier said than done, because in every level of the game there are a myriad of dangerous places and dismal waiting only to make us the skin (again, so to speak ...). Not only: to make our ghost adventure even more difficult to contribute even a bevy of well-armed knights and the powerful Guardians of Magic Keys.

With over 30 levels playable, 3 different bosses to defeat, traps scattered 'everywhere and great graphics and captivating comics, Little Ghost, developed by Polish software house in Images and sale at $0.99 , is the ideal game to spend a couple of carefree hours.

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