Tuesday, April 17, 2012

vNESLight - NES emulator for the lovers of "vintage" games!

For lovers of retro video games,the ones we love to play it as a kids, there's more good news today! After Purple Cherry and Blue Tomato , and SEGA emulators for GameBoy, vNESLight brings NES  experience for all Windows Phone smartphones.

Change the developer, but not the substance: now in version 1.1 with the correction of bugs in the previous build, the emulator developed by Nudua allows you to play your NES games wherever you are.

Characterized by simple graphics and fluid, the application is particularly interesting for the extra-features that improve the use and comfort, including a special support to your SkyDrive space allows you to always have all our favorite ROMs (ie the "games"). Add to this the recognition of file format . zip or . rar , load a game will be affordable for even novice users.The developer then has added the ability to search for a ROM directly to the web, assuming you know the exact address. 

Here are some of the features:
  • presence of the landscape mode
  • emulation of the original sounds
  • Tiles can create for each individual game and add it to the Start screen
vNESLight smartphone runs on any Windows phone, but unfortunately, in the terminal 1 of the first third generation may occur sporadically (and slight) drop in frame rate that does not threaten the gaming experience. We show now a video of the app in action with the most classic titles:

The app is available in two versionsvNESLight , where we will find all the features described and with banner advertising, and vNESLight Pro , which removes the banner at a price of $ 0.99.

Via WPCentral

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