Sunday, April 29, 2012

Your Manga Reader - Free app dedicated for all manga lovers

Lovers of manga here is the application for you: Your Manga Reader. The world of Japanese comics in fact landed on Phone with Windows application that connects to various free servers containing scans of manga such as Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and many more.
In addition to the usual options of search filters categories and description of these various series, Your Manga Reader lets you choose among the various chapters available, save our manga and read in landscape mode.

On devices with 512 MB of RAM is enabled hardware acceleration to improve the smooth panning and zooming (activated by double-touch) and of course you can pinnare manga on the screen or display them in the library.
All this is free (both the app that manga) and operates by connecting to the server at the time of mangareader with regard to the English. The developer announced that it will add new server for scans after reporting.

Before you leave a little note: obviously, the scans are illegal as well as streaming movies, please use the application as a digital version of your paper collection or to discover new titles to collect: too often the world of manga has been undermined by series closed before the time for economic reasons and to support artists, authors and publishers by buying their work can mean the difference between being able to continue to read our favorite stories or see the truncated series.

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