Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Later MSG: a handy app to schedule the sending of SMS on Windows Phone

Ever need to send a message to someone without their recurring or reminder, perhaps to remind him to do the shopping, pay a bill or for some other reason? If you own a smartphone Windows Phone from a few hours ago, in the wp marketplace is available completely free application developed just for this purpose: MSG Later.

Accomplishing the program is the Indian software company Touch-Fone.
These features are available:
  • colorful and well organized interface;
  • ability to use or create predefined templates to quickly set the posts;
  • This wide range of predefined messages associated with each template;
  • chance to decide whether to send messages via SMS or e-mail to individual contacts or groups;
  • ability to receive notifications when the application is closed;
  • opportunity to keep in the background images taken with the camera, or in the gallery;
  • sharing of messages on Facebook and Twitter.

Not bad for a free program. To download and keep for all those times when a similar application can be useful.

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