Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Premium Pool - Excellent free 9-ball pool game for Windows Phone

Premium Pool is a game developed for Windows Phone that shows the classic 9 ball pool games with smooth touch screen controls, stunning 3D graphics and real life sound effects

Graphically well done, smooth and fast, the game boasts of being the first 9-ball game on WP Marketplace. Despite being free the game shows quite accurate in many respects, but others must be reviewed and improved. 
Excellent touch controls although lacks the ability to hit the ball sideways to make the right effect. Once the cue and targeted appeal that you want to hit the ball, we can adjust the power of the blow directly from the bar at the bottom right that shows just the cue. Another quite useful feature that could be implemented is the local multiplayer mode that would allow us to challenge ourselves with our friends. 

Among the settings you can set the intensity of the volume, the carpet color of the table and the difficulty between easy, medium and hard with good sound effects.

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