Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tentacles is this week Xbox Live title of the Week

This week Xbox Live title of the week is Tentacles.Tentacles has been developed and released by Microsoft exclusively for its mobile operating system. 

From the description in the WP marketplace we can read:
Press lightly on the screen, and Tentacles of the 40 test levels splits fingers and thrilling boss fights, you'll be surprised to find innovative and intuitive playability.
Think fast, act with caution and continues eating. The enemies will impede and you have to tear their eyes while trying to defeat Dr. Phluff, the mad scientist. Where will this battle end? Guess! No, we did not own!
Dr. Phluff has always interfered in the order of nature and this time tried to create the cutest animal ever conceived. But he failed. In a disaster, but not totally unexpected series of events has created a being of darkness. Dark, no heart and no desire to be kind, good nor pretty. Yes, he created YOU! A slimy black blob with three tentacles, a claw, and an endless hunger for eyeballs.

Tentacles is a totally new addition to the genre and platforms. Use your tentacles to make your way to Dr. Phluff. Yes, that's right, you're inside him. It's a world populated by macabre and spooky monsters other genetically modified by the experiments of Dr. Phluff. Guess': they are all hungry and you represent the menu! Use your skills to dodge the tentacle of Dr. Phluff acid attacks and faces the evil creatures in extraordinary battles. "
Tentacles was launched in the marketplace at a price of $4.99 but only for this week can be purchased at a price of $1.99. As each game Xbox Live there will be goals and points to unlock Game Score to obtain. 

You can download the free trial before you make a purchase.

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