Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Naver's Line messenger arrived on Windows Phone

Line,the messaging system designed by Naver, is not that well known in Europe or in U.S, but the application has actually taken hold in Asia and for some time is available for several mobile operating systems, Windows Phone included .
Line is essentially a program that can take advantage of connecting the data to make VoIP calls and put in two communications users, enabling also the most traditional form of chat.The characteristics of Line still take their cue from social networking sites, including send and receive pictures , voice, video and classic information sharing of your location.
Obviously Line is used only with users who have installed the application on your phone, as is the case with the vast majority of software of its kind.
To make one line, the developers have added a feature called ad hoc " Stickers , "a sort of emoticons can share their emotions with all the users in the buddy list, in style social network.
Line is available in the WP Marketplace in completely free version.

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